My name is James... I have worked in the adult entertainment industry for the last 7 years of my life under the name Erik Rhodes. I'm not sure how I ended up here, and I don't know how i have survived this long... all i do know is that it can a very lonely place and sometimes i need a blog to get shit off my chest. So take it or leave it... here it is.


Anonymous asked
Were u d kinda guy in highschool who wud hide his homosexuality under the veneer of homphobia?

Nah. I really didnt come to terms with being gay until i was out of high school. Had plenty of GF’s and didn’t really have to hide anything, i honestly believed i was straight. 

My twin brother and i tortured the gay kids in my high school. Which was weird when years later i ran into 2 of them while out at Limelight in the city… This one comes running up to me screaming “you have to be fucking kidding! You made my life hell”. To which i could only reply, “I’m sorry, i didnt know”… of course he forgave me then tried to hook up with me…typical fag.

Trust me i could sit here and say “it does get better” and be part of that retarded movement but no, i dont think it gets better, i just think after awhile you stop giving a fuck. 

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